A Private Applicator Recertification Program (PARP) is being offered for those who currently have Private Applicator’s permits and need recertification. A person with a Private Applicator’s License must attend at least three recertification programs in five years in order to maintain certification. A maximum of two recertification programs per year can be credited towards recertification. There are 2 certification sessions during the Hort Congress (Wednesday and Thursday afternoons). Individuals could receive 2 recertification program credits at the congress.

In order to receive your recertification credit you must:
Attend 90 minutes equivalent of qualifying presentations indicated by **PARP** in the program (sessions vary from 20 to 60 minutes).
Make sure you collect vouchers at the end of the presentations.


Attend the PARP certification session at the conclusion of either of these sessions, present the vouchers from the previous sessions you attended to the Purdue Cooperative Extension Educator in charge of the session. You will need your private applicators license number. There is a $10 fee for receiving PARP credit.

Make sure to bring:

  • **PARP** Vouchers
  • Cash or check for $10.00 fee
  • Private applicator license number


We will also offer Continuing Certification Hours (CCHs) for licensed commercial applicators in category 1, RT, 14. Please ask at the registration desk for a complete list of sessions, their times and locations.


Do you know the current status of your certification and/or credits as a private or commercial pesticide applicator?

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