Evaluate Food Safety Education among Indiana Veteran Farmers- Han Chen and Yaohua Feng

Veteran farmers are identified by the USDA as socially disadvantaged. Many of them practice small-scale farming, and they are struggling to balance the profits and the increasing food safety regulation. The objectives of this study were to assess the needs of veteran farmers in food safety education and evaluate the effectiveness of three different education interventions (newsletters, learning circles, lecture). Pre- and post-survey were used to evaluate the interventions. Sixty-four Indiana veteran farmers completed the online pre-survey; 56 % of participants considered themselves comfortable with their food safety knowledge. Three major barriers to food safety education identified were lack of learning time, the overwhelming amount of information, and inapplicable information for farmers. Three education interventions increased the overall knowledge of participants, but the effectiveness varied. The findings of this study provided evidence for educators and government agencies to develop a better food safety education program for veteran farmers.

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