Hemp-Arthropod Interactions

Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L) is an important crop globally for textile, food, and medicinal/nutraceutical purposed. Although the same plant species, hemp is genetically dissimilar from marijuana, and is different in use and chemical profiles. In most of the United States, industrial hemp must have Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels <0.3%. While hemp has the potential to be a profitable and sustainable crop, we need to understand the arthropod community associated with the plant. To address this knowledge gap, we have made observations of beneficial and pest arthropod population through grower survey data from across Indiana. With very few products available for pest reduction in hemp, natural enemies in the environment are an important factor in production. Hemp also supports a diversity of bee species, including managed and native bees. By understanding the arthropod community supported in hemp, we can make better management decisions with beneficial arthropods in mind.

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