Is grafting worth it for my operation? A Partial Cost Benefit Analysis of Early-Season Production of Grafted Seedless Cucumber in High Tunnels Orlando Rodriguez, Ariana Torres, and Wenjing Guan

We conducted a study to analyze the economic benefit of grafting seedless cucumber grown in high tunnels. A comparison of partial costs and returns between grafted and nongrafted cucumber was developed. Data included production costs, yield, and price of cucumber at different market channels. This data was used to develop a partial budget analyses and sensitivity tests in order to help the stakeholders to decide whether grafting cucumber may be a viable practice for their operations. A main output of the article is to contribute to the profitability of growing seedless cucumbers in high tunnels operations by increasing farmers’ knowledge of the economic benefits of grafting. Our findings can help inform farmers, researchers, and other stakeholders interested in the adoption of grafting cucumber.

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