Potential crops for marine aquaponics- Yu-Ting Chu and Paul Brown

Land and water are critical resources for food production; thus, we need innovative technology to generate food with higher resources use efficiency so as to produce enough food for the increasing population without compromising the environment. Aquaponic systems are used to produce fish and plants with less resource input and less waste output; yet, they are commonly applied in freshwater, which is limited.  On the other hand, 97% of the water body on Earth is seawater so using seawater for food production is an inevitable trend in the future. However, there is a lack of research on salt-tolerant crops (halophytes) and saline wastewater management. The aim of this study was to find potential crops for marine aquaponics. Three species (Atriplex hortensis, Salsola Komarovii and Plantago cornonpus) investigated in this study were able to survive and grow in saline conditions (10, 15, and 20 ppt), which is vital for future research.

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