Tomato rootstock evaluation for grafted tomato production in high tunnels – Dr. Ajay Nair

Soil management within high tunnels is critical to reduce soil-borne diseases and ensure long-term productivity of crops grown within them. This talk will discuss results of a high tunnel study that evaluated eight hybrid tomato rootstocks and their effect on marketable yield, fruit quality (soluble solids, titratable acids, and firmness), and plant growth characteristics (SPAD, plant height, stem diameter, petiole-sap, and biomass) of ‘BHN 589’ tomato cultivar. The rootstock treatments included ‘Arnold’, ‘Beaufort’, ‘DRO141TX’, ‘Estamino’,’ Maxifort’,’ RST-04-106-T’, and two trial rootstocks, ‘946 TRS’ and ‘980 TRS’.

  • Wednesday

    11:00 am - 11:30 am
    Room(s): Salon 3