Author Bio

Bob is the Director of Business Development for FieldWatch. He joined FieldWatch as the first employee in 2014 when FieldWatch was formed as a non-profit entity and moved out of Purdue University. FieldWatch operates and manages the DriftWatch Specialty Crop Site, BeeCheck Apiary, CropCheck Row Crop, and FieldCheck Registries. DriftWatch was developed at Purdue in 2008 by the Agriculture and Biological Engineering Departments to help tomato growers communicate their location to pesticide applicators.   DriftWatch is a free mapping tool for specialty crop producers, row crop growers, and beekeepers to map their locations and provide contact information. BeeCheck was developed and released in 2015 to help beekeepers identify their locations with contact information for applicators. CropCheck was developed in 2018 to identify sensitive row crops that may be grown near or adjacent to other row crops. Bob has helped drive new growth in the current 22 FieldWatch states and the province of Saskatchewan. He is responsible to increase awareness and adoption in all the member states, help onboard new states, and encourage use and access by pesticide applicators, beekeepers, and specialty crop growers. FieldWatch now has 26,000 users and 38,000 approved sites, which is 500% growth from 2015. Bob also works directly with the software team to develop new features and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the registries. Bob has worked to develop relationships and connections with software companies so the FieldWatch data may be exported to precision ag systems for use by applicators. Expect FieldWatch to continue its rapid growth and expansion as a voluntary mapping system to facilitate stewardship between interested parties.