Author Bio

Brianne Lowe is State Biologist for the Indiana USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, where she has spent fourteen years working with agricultural conservation programs.  She has a passion for helping landowners manage wildlife in an integrated, multi-use landscape. Brianne strongly believes that agriculture, urban settings, and wildlife are not mutually exclusive, and can coexist when planned and managed correctly.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife from Purdue University, a Masters in Zoology from the Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory at Southern Illinois University, and has worked for Hoosier Heartland RC&D and the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. Abstract Pollinators are a crucial part of healthy agricultural and natural landscapes.  Beginning in 2008 and continuing through the 2018 Farm Bill, pollinators became a priority for USDA, authorizing the Secretary of Agriculture to encourage “the development of habitat for native and managed pollinators; and the use of conservation practices that encourage native and managed pollinators” during administration of any conservation program. The NRCS administers several programs that offer technical and financial assistance for pollinator conservation.  This presentation will provide participants with a guide to Farm Bill resources available to producers and landowners to incorporate pollinator habitat on their own farms.