Author Bio

Bruce Bordelon is a professor of viticulture at Purdue University where he has been part of the Purdue Wine Grape Team since 1991. He provides statewide extension support for the grape and small fruit industries in Indiana through a series of workshops, conferences, newsletters and web-based educational materials. His research interests include evaluation of new grape cultivars, matching cultivars to sites, integrated pest management, and vineyard management to improve fruit quality. Bordelon works closely with colleagues in surrounding states through the Midwest Fruit Workers Group. He has served as editor of the Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide (revised annually and used by13 states), and co-author of the Midwest Grape Production Guide (2005) and Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook (1997). Bordelon co-teaches courses in Field Production of Horticulture Crops, and Commercial Grape and Wine Production. Bordelon received a B.S. in plant pathology from Oklahoma State (1978), M.S. in plant pathology from Montana State (1981) and Ph.D. in fruit breeding and genetics from the University of Arkansas (1991).