Author Bio

Eligio Larraga began work June of 2015 as a Sales and field representative for MFB’s H-2A company Great Lakes Ag Labor Services, to help alleviate Michigan’s farm worker shortage. In the past five years Eligio has met with hundreds of growers allowing him to identify the main needs of the industry. Eligio has also helped growers by providing training to supervisors and crew leaders on worker management and how to navigate the cumbersome rules of the H-2A program. Larraga earned his bachelor’s degree in agronomy and animal science at the Tecnologico de Valles in Valles city, Mexico, while working on his uncle’s diversified farming operation. He moved to Charleston, SC in 2004, learned English, launched his own landscape company and earned American citizenship. Larraga lives in Haslett with his wife and their three daughters and his new baby boy.