Wednesday - 1:00 pm-3:00 pm - Room: Atrium

Detection of Culturable Bacteria in Greenhouse Grown Romaine Lettuce Using the Light Scattering Technology (BEAM)- Hansel Mina and Amanda Deering

Technologies for rapid detection and identification of bacterial communities, especially for pathogens, are crucial for securing a safe food supply. The light-scattering technology (BEAM) incorporates the traditional culture-based approach as a part of the detection procedure and is an easier and faster method for detection and identification of bacteria based on the morphological characteristics of

Wednesday - 1:00 pm-3:00 pm - Room: Atrium

Impact of the Growing Location on the Microbial Load of Different Varieties of Cantaloupes- Hansel Mina, Amanda Deering, Petrus Langenhoven

Cantaloupes are perishable and susceptible to microbiological contamination during production, harvest, and distribution. Since cantaloupes are grown on the ground, preharvest safety concerns come from the bacterial load that they can harbor from the soil and the contamination with foodborne pathogens carried by irrigation water, manure-based fertilizers and wild animals. The study examined the microbial