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Jared is native to upstate NY where he received his bachelor’s degree in Forest Biology from the State University of NY for Environmental Science and Forestry. Formerly he worked for the NY State Department of Agriculture as the regional supervisor for western NY working with the Plum Pox, Golden Nematode, and Emerald Ash Borer programs. Currently Jared works for the Indiana DNR as a compliance officer doing nursery inspections, invasive species surveys and pollinator projects. When not working Jared spends most of his time in his quarter acer vegetable garden, landscaping for pollinators, hiking or hunting with his wife and six children. Abstract Spotted Lanternfly is a non-native plant hopper from South East Asia which has the potential to cause a great deal of harm to a variety of horticultural crops. First introduced to South East Pennsylvania in 2014 it has since spread to five states and could well be established in many more. Find out what to look for and how you can help monitor for this newest invasive.