Author Bio

Mitchell Ankney is from Osceola, Indiana and graduated from Penn Highschool in 2016 with academic honors. Mitchell went on to further his education at Purdue University where he developed a passion for producing high value crops in a protected environment. Mitchell has since been involved in various research labs at Purdue’s Horticulture department. The labs he was involved in focused on hydroponic plant production and producing high value cash crops in a controlled environment while minimizing environmental impact. Mitchell is currently researching propagation on CBD hemp in a controlled environment setting with an aim to develop a standard operating procedure for producing high quality starting material.  


Wednesday - 4:00 pm-4:30 pm - Room: Salon 3

Propagation of CBD/Hemp Clones in Indoor Vertical Farms – Mitchell Ankney

Hemp clones are in high demand ever since the hemp industry has been legalized in 2018. From past experience, growers have been purchasing poor quality clones, clones that are not rooted well and not hardened off properly, at very high prices. We will present indoor production experiences about the propagation of hemp clones using different