Author Bio

Dr. Torres’ research focuses on the decision-making processes of specialty crop farmers along with customers’ perceptions and preferences. Her expertise includes the economic modeling of adoption of new technologies, the development of decision-making tools for specialty crop growers, and the economic impact of growers decision-making processes. Her research provides relevant research-based information to her extension program, Horticulture Business ( to provide trainings and publications to farmers, business owners, Extension personnel, and policymakers. Dr. Torres’ program has produced: 1 book chapter, 12 refereed journal articles (research based), and 5 articles in progress. Her findings have reached extension outlets via 15 peer-reviewed articles (extension based), 9 trade press articles, 8 newsletter articles, and 4 publications in progress. Torres also delivers her expertise via interviews to trade magazines and other media such as NPR,, Chicago Tribune, NY Food and Policy Center, and Marketing Munchies podcast.