Author Bio

Dr. Elizabeth Long is an assistant professor of Entomology at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, IN with research and extension efforts focused on the integrated pest management of pest and beneficial insects in horticultural crop production systems. Prior to joining Purdue University, Dr. Long was an assistant professor at Ohio State, focusing on insect management in winegrapes and specialty crop muck vegetables. Currently, Dr. Long’s research program focuses on understanding the ecological interactions between plants, insects, and their environment, and how these interactions scale up to influence pest management strategies. Dr. Long received her PhD from the University of Missouri in Plant, Insect & Microbial Sciences where she researched interactions between insect communities and crop plants that have implications for insect-vectored pathogens. After earning her PhD, Dr. Long conducted postdoctoral research at Purdue University in Indiana that focused on understanding the various pathways that pollinators are exposed to pesticides in agricultural landscapes.